Teen who murdered young mum after saying ‘I need a knife’ is finally unmasked

A teenager who murdered a young mum after saying “I need a knife, I’m gonna stab her” can finally be unmasked after turning 18.

Killer Bradley Mills was 16 when he stabbed Paige Gibson, 23, in the chest during a scuffle in the corridor outside her flat in Halifax, West Yorkshire, two years ago.

Mills last week lost his appeal against his conviction reporting restrictions no longer apply as he recently turned 18, meaning his name and photo can now be published.

Miss Gibson’s grieving sister Brooke had previously told YorkshireLive that she hopes her sister is now “at peace” and “does watch down” on family members who are devastated without her.

Mills was found guilty of murder after a five-week trial at Bradford Crown Court in December 2019.

He was sentenced to life with a minimum of 16 years for murdering Miss Gibson during an argument over drug money on June 7, 2019.

Shortly before the murder, Mills was overheard saying “I need a knife, I’m gonna stab” her, the court heard.

He pulled out a knife during a scuffle outside the flat Miss Gibson shared with her partner, and stabbed the young mum-of-three in the chest.

Jurors were shown CCTV footage of the fatal stabbing.

Mills lost his appeal against his sentence at the Court of Appeal on Thursday.

At the time of his conviction, Miss Gibson’s heartbroken sister Brooke said: “Him being sentenced to life won’t change anything. It won’t bring my sister back – nothing will.

“I hope now my sister is at peace. I hope she does watch down on me and my girls and my life won’t ever be the same without her.

“I feel like a part of me went the day Paige did. It’s been one year now since she was murdered and there are still some nights where I can’t sleep. “Some days I just want to sit and cry.

“Twenty-three years old was no life. She had so much life left but it was so cruelly taken from her. “I miss her more than anyone would ever know, and I love her so much.”

The court heard Miss Gibson was “a kind, funny and loving” person who loved dancing and cheerleading as a child.

Iissues as a teenager led to her becoming addicted to drugs.

A family member said: “Crack (cocaine) was her escape route to help with the pain she was suffering, but in reality, it just made everything worse.”

Mills had armed himself with a knife from another flat after a row with Miss Gibson over items she was supposed to sell so he and a friend could get drugs that night.

Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told the court he was sentencing the teenager on the basis that he intended to cause Miss Gibson really serious harm rather than to kill.

The judge told the boy: “She did not deserve to end her life stabbed to death through the heart in that shabby lonely corridor just because you, an angry, unpleasant young man, were upset, enraged and full of resentment about the drugs you did not get.”

Mills was told he would have to serve at least 16 years in custody before being considered for release.